Commission Status:  OPEN

Pricing Information

For a standard, personal use image.  Not for commercial use.

The longer I spend on a piece, the more I charge. However, the time required is highly dependent on what is asked for. No work will begin until payment has been made. Here is a general guideline:

$50- Flat fee, includes one character render with simple background

$20- Each additional character, including pets, creatures or other characters.

$15- Each additional piece of work that uses the same render.

Extra Charges:  If something is especially difficult, or time consuming, an extra charge may apply, depending on the situation.  If I need to purchase anything to complete the image to the customer’s satisfaction, that cost may be applied to the cost of the order.

Refunds and Revisions:  Once I have started work on a project, no refunds will be given.  I will send updates throughout the process to ensure that the image is what the customer wants and that all parties are happy.  Major revisions once the design has been accepted and has begun will cost extra, depending on the time and difficulty involved.